Friday, September 16, 2011


It's Friday.

Friday means . . .

~ Wear whatever you want to school instead of the t-shirt with the school logo.

~ Payday (Well, this friday anyway.)

~ Means Pizza or maybe Subway. (Once again, this Friday, anyway.)

~ Not having to be in bed at a specific time.


~ Online birthday shopping for Kid. (Once again, this happens this Friday because it's payday. Haha.)

~ I basically have one week to get ready for Kid's party. I feel very unorganized and not remotely prepared. I don't like this feeling.

Short, sad post is short and sad. Haha. If you want something great bome back . . . well, I'm not sure when it's gonna get great but maybe it will some time. 

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C. Beth said...

Just a reminder to alarm tomorrow, but I'd better go to bed NOW (almost midnight) so I can actually get some benefit from sleeping in! :)