Monday, September 12, 2011

Bonk, Bonk, on the Head

Dear Blog, I'm so sorry I abandoned you. I have no excuse.

Around here life has being going on.

Kid is having a fantastic time at school.

I received a call a couple weeks ago from his teacher. She told me he was outside running around, hit his head and had a huge knot. She wanted to let me know in case I wanted to come get him.

She put him on the phone.

Me: Hey, Baby, what happened?
Kid: I was running, at the park, and I looked backwards and ran into a pipe.
Me: Are you OK?
Kid: Yeah.
Me: Do you want Mommy to come get you or do you want to stay at school?
Kid: I want to stay at school.

His teacher texted me a picture of the knot on his head. It was indeed huge. But she told me that as soon as he was done talking to me he was already asking to go play. He's a tough little thing.

 This is after the knot had gone down quite a bit.

P.S. Virtual cookies and 1,000 internet points if you know where the title for today's post came from. :)


Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

The knot on his head makes him look tough!

I have no idea where the title is from, so I Googled it. Probably shouldn't have done pulled up some interesting topics for some reason.

I Am Not Superwoman said...

That looks like the bonk that Kaylyn has in almost the same spot. She is a bit top heavy still running too fast. Doesnt look/sound like it phased him one bit. Welcome back. Hadnt seen you for awhile.