Friday, September 30, 2011

Lego Birthday Party!

I think it's about time I get a post up here about Kid's Lego Party!

We had a blast! It wasn't complicated and it wasn't very structured. Basically the kids just played a lot between presents and cake.

The decorations were very inexpensive and simple but I loved how they turned out.

I went to the local dollar store and I bought a couple plastic, disposable table cloths, blue, green, yellow. I also bought packages of paper plates that were the same shades.

Then I hung the table cloths on the wall, all together, and taped the plates on so they looked like Large Lego's. I LOVED the effect and received a number of compliments. I only used a few plates for each "Lego" and was able to use the rest for the party food.

If I had a printer (How do I not have a printer??) I would have printed out the word "LEGO" in my Lego font and pasted it inside each plate.

For weeks before the party I was saving empty boxes. When we finished off the pop tarts or the spaghetti noodles or the cake mix I tossed the empty box in a basket for later.

I purchased two packages of construction paper (also at the dollar store) and a few rolls of tape. I then wrapped all of those empty boxes in construction paper. J's cousin came over one night and helped me cut out a staggering number of little circles and we taped those onto the boxes.

Viola! Lego's!

They're not perfect but they turned out really cute! I used the basic Lego colors, orange, green, blue, red, yellow and black.

It took a lot of tape to put these together, for a couple reasons. One, the tape I bought was cheap. Two, Construction paper is stiff. Three, I wanted to make sure it stayed together.

I cut out little pieces of thread, tied them in loops and taped those to the back of the boxes. This took a LOT of tape because the thread slipped right out of some of them. Here you can see the massive tape use in those pictures.

Anyway, I used the thread loops to hang the Lego boxes from the ceiling.

Again, I LOVE the way these turned out. They took a LOT of time and a LOT of cutting of little circles and taping them on but it was totally worth it!

The cake.

Originally I had intended to just make a basic rectangle cake and add either cupcakes, marshmallows or Oreo's to the top to look like a Lego. But, for some reason I wasn't really into that idea. Then, one day while surfing the web I had an epiphany.

I baked two box cake (Yes, I used the box) mixes in round pans. When they were cool I shaved off the rounded top so they were all flat. Then I piled them on top of each other with layers of frosting (That I made myself.) in between them.

I used the rounded pieces that I had cut off for the top. I simply cut a small circle out of the middle of them and stacked them as well.

Looking at it when it was done I sort of wished I had made another cake mix to make it a little higher. But, either way, I really like how it turned out.

While surfing Pinterest (I'm addicted) I came across what looked like a great idea! It was harder than it looked but totally worth it.

I purchased about ten stage 2 jars of baby food. The cheapest I could find was prunes at $.40 a jar. I also grabbed some applesauce. (Kid ate a couple of jars of the applesauce. Haha.)

Most of them I just poured out. I washed and dried the jars and then took half of them outside and sprayed them with yellow spray paint. It did not cover as well as I expected. After about fifty coats (OK, I exaggerate a bit, but just a bit.) I decided that spray paint wasn't really the way to go. The rest I (my SiL also helped) painted by hand.

I then drew faces on them with sharpie markers.

I had some sort of brain lapse with the one that's second from the left. Oops, sorry, upside down Lego head.

I filled them with Skittles and gave them away as favors. I didn't want to part with them, they were SO CUTE.

I had another use for the spray paint as well. I cut the top half of a pizza box out, made a stencil (I can't think of another word, ugh) type thing of a Lego head and taped it to the top of the pizza box. I sprayed (fifty coats, again) of paint on there. When the paint was dry I hand painted black around the edges and cut a hole in the middle. I added a stick so it could be held up.

Lego Kid!

All the kids had their pictures taken with a Lego head.

I acquired a couple boxes, taped them together in the middle, covered them with another table cloth (red) and pasted a few plates to it. One giant Lego.

I put it near Kid for a picture but later moved it outside to greet guests.

The orange thing on the floor is just another table cloth.

Well, that's basically the party. Very inexpensive decorations for a very cool effect.

Now, is anyone having a Lego party in the near future? I have a LOT of "Lego" boxes that I'm about to just toss out . . . It hurts a bit, they took a lot of work.

I'm not kidding . . . Anyone interested?


Call Me Cate said...

Wow, you did a GREAT job! I love the little baby food jar lego heads. And the cake was great too. Did all the kids love it? Because how could they not...

I Am Not Superwoman said...

How cool is that! Such a great idea and super cheap, just your time. Turned out awesome. I want you to do my decor for MY I bet they had a blast!

kendrasue said...

That is so awesome! The legos from the ceiling and the idea of the table cloths was great! Good job! Kid is lucky to have a mom like you! Leo gets store-bought decorations for his parties!

C. Beth said...

What FUN ideas--completely adorable! I bet Kid was thrilled!

Sandy said...

Wow! This is Amazing, what a great idea to use inexpensive stuff to create such a wonderful party, i will totally use this for my sons 8th birthday this year, again this is Amazing.

Michelle Johnson said...

This is amazing!! If you still have the stuff, I don't mind taking it off your hands. I have been searching the web and this is the BEST idea I have seen so far. Here is my email to let me know if you still have or not. And let me know where your located etc..
Again great job! :)

Cori Lavey said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am having a Lego party for my boys this coming weekend and was lacking ideas for d├ęcor. You just solved that problem for me, and it's not going to cost me an arm and a leg. Yay! Thanks again :)

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Paula Jennings said...

wow what awesome ideas you had for decorating for the party. I used to do special theme parties for my sons too...and Legos was a favorite of theirs but they are now too old for a lego party...21 and 15. I'll bet everyone had a great time!

Wenni Donna said...

Bar parties are amazing! I did have one last time on my birthday. I will probably look for some event halls for rent this time because it is my birthday and anniversary celebration together. So, I kind of need a private party for that. Anyways, it was a nice post. Happy birthday to Patricia!