Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Shopping


It's almost that time! Almost time to break out the Christmas decorations and the yummy festive recipes!

It's also probably past time to start Christmas shopping . . . *Sigh*

Christmas shopping is so hard for me. I never know what to get for people. Occasionally I'll get lucky and someone will say "I really really want this" and it just happens to be something that I can afford and easily acquire for them.

Others are harder though. I have no idea what to get for the Kiddo this year.

He's pretty set for clothes except maybe a pair of pajamas and a couple pairs of jogging pants. He doesn't need toys. I'm not really a fan of pointless toys anyway. More often than not if I buy him a toy it's going to be an educational toy. (On that note if you're looking for something to buy for a Kiddo you should totally check out the Leap Frog products. Highly Recommended!)

I just don't know what to get for him this year. And that's pretty much the story with everyone. What to buy, what to buy? Maybe I should just buy him a box of Pop Tarts. He would be thrilled. :)

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