Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

Happy Random Tuesday! Link-up at Stacy's for some more Random fun!

1. Flavored coffee. I have discovered something about flavored coffee. It's not my thing. It just never turns out how I'm expecting. I think I'll just stick to the classics.

2. Girl Scout Cookies. They are nowhere to be found around here. Seriously. Someone fix this. Luckily I have cousins! Cousins with kids who are Girl Scouts! Cousins with kids who are Girl Scouts who are willing to ship cookies to me! It's all good, People! Crisis averted.

3. To me, single parenting, not all that different from double parenting.

4. Exercising every day. I would like to weigh less, sure. I would like a flatter stomach, of course. However, right now, I just want to be rid of the extra thigh meat. Seriously, GO AWAY. Any suggestions of the best exercises to make this happen? I'm all ears. (Or, eyes in this case. [Maybe I should say I'm all thighs!])

5. I made brownies with Diet Coke. Come back tomorrow. I'll tell you all about it.

6. The weather is being ridiculous. Last Friday it was seventy degrees. Saturday it was forty degrees. I just want snow. That's all. Just send me some snow. Please?

7. PATRIOTS BABY!! It's the year of payback!

8. Speaking of. What's on your Superbowl menu?

9. Karate for Kid? Teach discipline. Good. Get exercise. Good. Teach my kid how to punch and kick people? Maybe not so good.

10. Too much TV. Too many good shows! My TiVo can't keep up! Monday is overbooked and Thursday will be overbooked in March. :( What to do?


Call Me Cate said...

10. I'm trying to be mindful of what's going on the dvr. I've dropped a few shows, added a few others, and decided to skip a couple that I probably would enjoy. But know what I'd also enjoy? More time reading and writing, which I seem to be struggling to find and there's no reason for that.

8. We haven't discussed our menu, mostly because we don't ever have a party (a friend had an awesome party every year and then he moved halfway across the country but that's just too far to travel) and we're never really sure if we'll bother watching the game until that day. But, I would like to make my buffalo chicken dip if we do watch.

3. This is part of why we don't have children. I refuse to be a married single parent and Joe works a lot.

I Am Not Superwoman said...

I am going to borrow Cates format.

2. Thin Mints. Yum! I think I need to buy some of these. We have lots of Girl Scouts around these parts.

3. Huh? What did I miss?

6. If I want snow, I will go to it. It snowed here last week. Not too much but with all the coverage on it you would have thought it was feet upon feet of snow. They always over do it on the news here.

8. Haven't thought about it much yet but sure it will be delish.

9. Yah, that is a tough one.