Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts!

It's the first Random Tuesday of 2012! I haven't done Random Tuesday since October! I hope it still works the same. :)

Link-up at Stacy's where she is STILL  rocking the rebellion!

1. I am sick.Ugh. Bleh. Just a cold but it's enough to make me feel ick.

2. Today is the first day back to school. Waking up? Nightmare. Ready to get back into my routine but the first couple days? Murder. 

3. I hate Max and Ruby. Max is such a bad, bad bunny and all the things he does wrong end up being praised in the end. What???

4. Did you Christmas wishes come true? J got me Josh Gates' book and I was thrilled. I also finally have a printer! Yay! (Now, I just need to find a place to put it . . . )

5. Kid found out on Sunday that Darth Vader is Luke's Dad! He nearly had a meltdown. "He has to destroy his Dad!?!?" He had problems working it out in his mind because "It's not nice for his Dad to be Darth Vader, Darth Vader is a mean guy!" Dad's are not supposed to be mean guys.

6. Why do all of the light bulbs in my house seem to blow out at the same time? Going to invest in LED lights if I can afford it. They're more expensive but last SO much longer.

7. Sugar Cookie Tea from Celestial Seasonings. Ew! It sounded SO GOOD in theory. In reality (in my opinion) it was way too weak. Maybe if I throw two bags in and try again? Maybe I should just stick to nice black English Breakfast Tea.

8. Haven't exercised this year yet because I feel like ick. This needs to stop.

9. Currently reading: Destination Truth Memoirs Of A Monster Hunter. Author: Josh Gates


Anonymous said...

It's funny: I actually really like Max and Ruby b/c that kid is just like my younger kid and in the end, the blunders work out ok!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I liked Max & Ruby when Princess Nagger was watching it...now I'm not a fan because it gives Little Dude ideas on what to do to annoy his big sister. ;)

Sorry your sick! We're still shaking off the colds/yucks that hit before Christmas - motivation factor goes right out the window when you're not feeling good. Feel better soon!!

I Am Not Superwoman said...

We have LED lights in most our house and they ROCK. Little bit more expensive to begin with but I can't even remember the last time we changed a bulb where those are.