Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts!!

It's Tuesday and I'm SO late with my random. Oh well, better late than never! Link up over at Stacy's to join the fun!

1. Wait! It IS Tuesday! Oh my word! I've had an awful time with that fact today.

2. Harry Potter at midnight this week. I've never done a midnight premiere. I'm both excited and anxious about the crowds. I do plan to take my camera though because I've heard tales told of the craziness of Harry Potter fans. Any advice you can give, I will accept. What time should I get there?

3. You know I can lay in my bed at night and think up all kinds of random. I sit in front of the computer and Poof! Gone!

4. J's been watching MTV's Teen Wolf. I've never been a huge werewolf fan but I find this show . . . Just completely ridiculous. My word, it's just totally and completely not my thing. Where are the vampires? Vampires I like!

5. Um, MTV . . . Why is there even an "M" there anyway? I haven't seen Music on that channel in ages. (Not that I spend a lot of time watching MTV . . . Or any time really, unless J is watching that silly Teen Wolf and I'm in the room.)

6. J's been watching Falling Skies . . . Falling Skies has recently been renewed for a second season. My thoughts on this? WHY????

7. I have a list of TV shows that I would like to watch. Thanks to Netflix I can pour through them. However, lately I've just wanted to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (even though I've seen them all a few times). Oh well, everything else can wait. Giles, Willow and Angel, apparently, come first.

8. I wish I was one of those people that could read really fast. There are a bunch of books on my to read list and I don't have the motivation because it takes me forever to get through a book.

9. My random this week is pathetic. I'm going to put a notebook by my bed and start writing down those 1 AM random thoughts. I'm sure they're a LOT more interesting than what I've got going on here.

10. Have a Great Week!


VandyJ said...

I woke up thinking that today must surely be Wednesday. I was disappointed to find it was only Tuesday.
I agree--MTV does not really have much M anymore.

Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

I too wish I could read faster. My pile of books, both physical and digital, are getting out of control. It is hard to find the time to get through more than a chapter at a time.

If your random is late than mine is going to be pathetic...assuming I manage to write it this evening.

Kristine said...

This week Monday & Tuesday were my Saturday & Sunday which screwed me right up. I didn't get anything done today thinking today was Sunday and nothing was open. It's good to have a lazy day every now & again. LOL

Stacy Uncorked said...

After getting back from vacation I kept mixing up the days...I kept thinking Friday was Thursday! :)

How'd the midnight premiere for Harry Potter go - was it as crazy as I've heard? :)

I need to put a notebook next to my bed, too - I think of all kinds of witty things to write about, but the moment I'm in front of my computer, my mind blanks out! :)

I totally agree - they need to do away with the 'M'...not much 'M' any more!

I was going to check out Falling Skies, but opted not to - amazing they're already set for a second season. The networks are all morons - they cancel good shows and renew ones that aren't.

Thanks for diligently rockin' the rebellion with me!! :)

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