Monday, July 18, 2011


According to the public school system here in our town you must be five years old by September first to attend Kindergarten.

The Kid will be five years old on September twentieth. Nineteen days too late for Kindergarten.

So, we looked into a private school that J's cousin attends. However, we were told that they did not have Kindergarten. This was right around the end of the last school year.

Last week I found out that the school had decided to add Kindergarten this year. So, I called them. I spoke to the Kindergarten teacher. Ms. Hanna. She told me that they were not accepting students based on age but on where the student was academically. So, we made an appointment and the Kid went to test.

We took a tour of the school. Older buildings but still nice. Big classrooms. Large grounds and lots of run around room. Then, the Kid took his test.

After, she told me she had a meeting and she would call me and let me know.

Now, I didn't know whether I should try to convince the Kid that it would be OK if he didn't get to go. (Because he was already very excitedly telling people "I'm going to Kindergarten!") Or, should I be freaking out about school clothes, and school supplies?

Fun Fact: They start school AUGUST FIRST!!!!!!! (PANIC!)

Ms. Hanna did call me back that night and told me she would be happy to take the Kid. She said he did well on the test, listened very well and understood all she said to him.

She has a small class since it is a private school and it's the first year for the Kindergarten. The Kid will be surrounded by girls. (Help! Haha Just kidding.)

Now I really get to panic. Did I mention they start August first????

Also . . . My Baby!

 (This is a photo of a photo, that's why the grainy.)
I wish I knew how old he was here but I'm thinking just a couple months.

He's going to SCHOOL!

This was on the way to take his Kindergarten test. 

My BABY is going to Kindergarten! He is SO excited!

Now. Pencils, crayons, paper, glue sticks, lunch boxes, lunch, clothes, shoes, etc, etc, etc . . . Help! :)


Call Me Cate said...

I'm so excited for him - he's going to have THE MOST AMAZING adventures ever. And then you get to hear all about them every afternoon.

C. Beth said...

WOW!! I haven't been on Twitter enough lately to have this whole story until now. How exciting! I bet he's just thrilled!

Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

The Kiddo is going to have so much fun at school! I'm sending you my thoughts because that isn't much notice for you to get things together and also come to terms with your little man growing up and going to SCHOOL!

kendrasue said...

Aaagh. that is exciting! Leo will turn 5 in February so he is definitely too late to start school this year but I think he's ready! He will be more than ready come next August! Good luck!

I Am Not Superwoman said...

So cute! Glad he got in. How exciting! Yeah, you better get cracking with the school supplies, lunch box, clothes, etc...Only have a couple weeks. (Sorry to remind you).