Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WHEN Did That Happen?!?!

I had a conversation the other day. It went somthing like this:

Her: I discovered Anthony Head in Repo! and I've liked him ever since.

Me: Oh yea? I like him too. I've liked him since around '97 when I saw him in Buffy.

Her: Oh, I was two in '97. So . . .

Me: TWO!?!?!?

Right about here I had the "Oh my word, when did I get this old!?" fit in my head.

If that wasn't enough later on that day I noticed it was the birthday of one of my facebook friends. So, I left her a Happy Birthday message. To which she responded:

Her: Thanks! I was thinking of you the other day. I was thinking about when you were my counselor at Kids camp. Good times.

At this point I rushed over to her page to double check how old she had turned. Twenty. Ok . . . Twenty!?!?

This girl was in my dorm room when she was SEVEN!!

Excuse me while I go get some anti-aging cream and hair dye to cover the grays. Also, anyone have a walker or a cane  I can borrow?

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