Monday, August 9, 2010

Cell Phones and Privacy

Today I'm taking a kind of poll.

I'm curious how you approach the situation of your Significant Other's (Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Fiance') cell phone.

Are you comfortable with just grabbing their phone and exploring? And, do they mind if you do this?

I pretty much leave J's phone alone. He gets a call, he answers it. Unless he just can't and even then, usually depending on who it is, I still don't answer it. He gets a text message, that's his message and I don't open it to view it. I've never grabbed his phone and just started flipping through calls or messages or even the photo album.

I try to respect that it's his phone because I want him to respect that my phone is my phone. It's not that I'm trying to hide anything from him and I don't have anything to hide on my phone. It's just that sometimes my girl friend and I might be having a private text conversation and I'm sure she wouldn't want him to read. So I keep my nose out of his so that he'll return the favor.

So, how do you work this cell phone thing? Do you and your Significant Other read each others message and stuff or do you basically leave that stuff alone like you might respect a diary?

Just curious. Wondering what your thoughts are.


Call Me Cate said...

I treat Joe's phone pretty much like you treat J's. I use it occasionally to make a call or check something online but unless he's specifically asking me to look for something for him, I leave it alone. And I can't think of the last time he used my phone for anything. I'm not sure if it's a privacy thing or just lack of need - since we both have our own, I don't have a reason to use his.

Aliceson said...

We only have one cell phone besides my husband's work phone (which I never answer)so we pretty much share the phone but it DOES bother me when he goes in my email, reads through them all then doesn't mark the new ones that I haven't read yet as unread. Drives me up a wall!