Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Pink Towel

I have a favorite towel. It's HUGE and hot pink and it's well used but it's soft. I got it from my Mommy a Bunch of years ago well before I was ever married.

There's no sentimental value or anything like that. It's just a very large, soft, comfy towel.

When I take a shower I like to have my towel. Then I wash it and put it back in the closet for next time. I love my pink towel.

I love my husband. Sometimes he drives me nuts, of course, but isn't that normal? But, sometimes there are those little things that just make me smile.

Yesterday J got up and took a shower and later he and the Kiddo went to the movies. While they were gone I decided to take a shower.

I opened the closet to get a towel and there was my pink towel, sort of disheveled on the top of the stack of folded towels.

Do you know why it was disheveled? Because when J took his shower he saw that my pink towel was on top of the stack and he grabbed the one underneath it, causing my towel to end up in a ball on top.

I know it's a silly little thing but the fact that he thought about me when he grabbed his towel puts a smile on my face. He knew that the pink one was my favorite and instead of grabbing the towel on top he left it there for me and grabbed the next one.

Love him!

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