Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flamingos? No, Henry did it. What about Seinfeld?

Did anyone ever watch the show “Seinfeld?” You know how it was a show about nothing? It seems to me that is how this blog is going to shape up. A blog about nothing. Well, I suppose a more accurate description would be a blog about everything, or anything.

What I mean to say is that I won’t be limiting myself to one subject all the time (i.e. Book, Cars, Flamingos, etc.), I’ll talk about all of them . . .

Here goes: Book – I love books! Cars – They get me where I need to go, I’m a fan. Flamingos – Well, I can’t say I know very much about flamingos. I think we can be safe in assuming I won’t blog about them too often.

Today’s topic of interest? Well, I might as well talk about what’s on my mind . . . Harper’s Island (at the moment). (Spoilers ahead. Through Episode 11)

I went back and re-watched some episodes (two that I had missed) and I have theory’s.

First. They killed off my favorite characters! Okay and right here I’m going to stop and say. If you’re watching a television show where they kill off at Least One of the characters every week. Don’t . . . I repeat . . . DO NOT get attached to Anyone!!! DUH! You would think this would be obvious! Apparently not to me.

Anyway, back to my subject. They killed off Cal and Chloe! What were they thinking? I didn’t care if everyone else died as long as Cal and Chloe got to walk off together into the sunset. *Sigh, sob*

So now, my theory’s . . . From about Episode 2 I was sure it was Jimmy. The killer I mean. He just seemed the type. However, now with all signs pointing to him I’m sure it’s not him. And I’m thinking that it is he and Abby who will walk off together into the sunset. For half a second I thought one might die defending the other but that’s been done (*Sob* My Cal!).

So, who is the killer? If I had to pick someone right now I would say Henry. Although, wouldn’t it be interesting if it were Trish . . . (I doubt it). No Henry has my vote. He seems to stop Abby from going after Wakefield any time he can. Not too mention did anyone see the way he laid into Shane? I thought he was the mild mannered groom but Man!

So, you think Henry will kill Trish and that’s how we’ll all know that he is evil? Who knows. Theory’s are everywhere! (I hope this isn’t what happens. If Henry is the psycho I at least hope poor Trish can live, she’s been through enough!!!)

My living/dead list (in the end)?
Abby – Alive
Jimmy – Alive
Sully - ? Now, I don’t mind Sully (apart from his treatment of Cal) However! In my world it’s NOT FAIR that Cal dies and Sully lives so on that note . . . I hope he bites it! lol (Sorry, I just really liked Cal.)
Madison – Most likely alive. (Would they really kill a kid?)
Shea - ? I don’t know on this one either. I would say Dead but would they leave Madison parentless? Eh, maybe they will kill Madison . . .)
Danny – Dead
Henry – Dead
Wakefield – Dead, Duh!
Trish – I don’t know how to call this one, Hmmm . . .

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