Saturday, June 27, 2009

Brand new

Hi! I'm new to this site but it looked like a lot of fun and a place to vent! I have my twitter but sometimes you just need more than 140 characters to get something off your chest.

So this will be the place for that!

I suppose I should tell you some about myself. Well, I'm a wife and mother (one son). We live in Oklahoma where the thermometer is currently reading 101 degrees! I hate the heat! I used to live in Pennsylvania but when I married my husband he wanted to move this direction. Ugh! I'm READY to move back home!!! NOW!!!

There's no one really around us that we're close too. My husband's great aunt is here and a couple cousins but that's it. I'm the sole cargiver to my son, as I don't trust leaving him with them. Not that they're bad, hehe, I just don't feel they're observant enough to handle my little bundle of energy.

Our town is extremely small and there isn't a movie theatre or anything like that for miles and miles and miles. Twenty-six miles to be exact. We don't have a mall *Sigh* or much of anything else to do.

My hobbies include writing and reading, message boards are great and facebook and twitter are my home. Hehe. I love baking and decorating cakes but, while I LOVE eating cake, I don't care to eat the whole thing myself. So I rarely get to bake.

What else? We go to a great church and I have the best friend a girl could ask for! But she lives in Maine and it's been FAR too long since we've seen each other. (Hopefully we'll change that in September!)

Okay, I'm done now . . . Until next time . . .

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