Friday, February 25, 2011

"You Have 72 Hours to Get that Back on, OK?" OK?!?!

I was sitting at home, minding my own business yesterday when my phone rang. (Actually my phone began to play Enjoy the Silence - Anberlin version because I'm too cool for just a silly ring ring. No offense to the ring ringers out there!) It was the office from our apartments.

I answered and the lady on the other end proceeded to tell me that they had just been informed by the gas company that they had turned off the gas to our apartment. I assumed that it was because they were working on something. That is until she continued, "You have 72 hours to get that turned back on, OK?"

Wait! Wait a minute! Hold everything! What?

Totally unprepared for what she said I pretty much had that reaction on the phone. Then I asked her to repeat herself. Yup, still came out the same. Gas turned off, 72 hours to get it turned back on.


I knew I paid my bill! Actually I overpaid my bill! I always overpay my bill. The only thing I could think was that it had gotten lost in he mail.

So, I called the gas company and I prayed HARD! While I was on hold I turned on my stove. Lit right up. Confused.

When the gas company lady answered the phone I explained that I was looking at the entry in my check book and the stub from the bill I sent in. I explained that my stove worked and WHY, OH, WHY did you turn my gas off!?!?!

She asked me to turn on our heat, which I did and it worked. Then she looked up our account and confirmed our gas was on and our account was current.

Apparently our address was given by mistake. Sooo glad!!!

P.S. I'm really sorry to the person who's gas was ACTUALLY turned off and they weren't informed. That must suck!

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Autumn in jeans said...

I would have flipped out. As it is, I'm rather jealous that you have a gas stove!! We have gas heat and a gas fireplace but I'm stuck with regular electric stove (boo).

Glad to hear it was just a mix-up though! :D