Friday, April 12, 2013


Oh, the changes!

When you don't blog for seven months lots of things happen and few people know about them.

So, what's happened since September?

* Kid had a birthday. He's six now. I would say "Wow! Six already! Except we're closer to the seventh birthday than to the sixth now. To that I say "Wow!"

* We packed up everything and moved. We didn't just move across town this time, folks. Nope. We moved halfway across the country. I live in Pennsylvania again! It was awful. I hate packing. I hate packing for even short visits. It's way less fun to pack the entire house. But! But, it was worth it! It's SO nice to be home and back around my family.

* Kid started first grade in a new school. I love this school. He is learning SO much! His report card for the third quarter came home this week. A's! That's my kid!

* We got a dog. Clearly I was mentally unstable that day. I should not be allowed to make these kinds of decisions. "Oh, it's a dog. I had one before. She was the best. Everyone I  know who has a dog Loves them like part of the family. They're so worth it. You'll love your dog! You'll never regret it. It'll be the best!"
. . . 
. . . 
I'm not stupid. I've had a dog before. I've had more than one dog before. I wasn't expecting her to obey perfectly the second we brought her home. I KNOW how puppies are. But she is a devil. Straight up. As I said, I've had dogs before. More than one. I know people who have had dogs before. The consensus on our dog, all around, is that she is the spawn of Hades. She's SO BAD! And stubborn! She can clearly be trained. She's fairly good at "Sit." "Stay" works on her when it's time to eat her dinner and she's waiting for the "OK." But, other than that. She doesn't listen at all. She's also pretty aggressive occasionally. Which, if I can't get under control will be a REAL problem soon. I have a kid, yo! Can't let a doberman run the house.

Those are basically the big life events that have been going on around here. I would like to blog a bit more frequently but we all know how that goes when I say it.

I do miss it around here though . . .